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AR# 35924

10.1, 11.x - ISE - Installation of Cable Drivers for ISE 10.1, 11.x on Windows 7


For Microsoft Windows 7, the default USB cable drivers provided with Xilinx ISE Design Suite 10.1 or 11.x do not install.

Is it possible to use the ISE Design Suite 10.1 or 11.x tools in Windows 7 to program a device?


To work around this problem, the cable drivers provided with Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.1 can be used.

Download the following ZIP archive and install them manually using the instructions below:


From the User Guide:

This section provides a step-by-step procedure for installing Xilinx USB cables on all Windows hosts.
Note: Administrator privileges are required to perform some of the steps described in this section.

1. Disconnect all Xilinx USB cables from the host computer.

2. Download the ZIP provided above.

3. Extract the contents of the archive.
The extraction creates a folder named install_xusb, open this folder and double-click on install_xusb.bat to start the installation.
While the installer is running, a DOS terminal window opens and displays installation status messages.
Warning messages can be safely ignored.

Caution! Do not attempt to close this terminal window while the installer is running.

5. When the installation is complete, connect the Xilinx USB cable to the desired USB port.
If the STATUS indicator on the cable illuminates, then the driver installation completed successfully.

The solution above will update the Cable firmware and assumes that the Jungo driver is pre-installed.

If you still have issues:

1. Disconnect the usb cable.
2. Navigate to the C:\Xilinx\11.1\common\bin\nt64 directory and run the following:
wdreg -inf %cd%\windrvr6.inf install 
3. Reconnect the cable.

You should now be able to connect to your cable with Xilinx tools.
AR# 35924
Date 09/22/2014
Status Active
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