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AR# 36286

Licensing - The Xilinx licensing tools see my host ID as "FFFFFFFF" when using a Virtual NIC


The Xilinx licensing tools see my host ID as "FFFFFFFF" when using a Virtual NIC even though the ipconfig command will show a different host ID for the Virtual NIC. I cannot get the licensing tools to recognize this NIC.


InFLEX 11.6 (Used in ISE DS 12.1) and newer versions of the FlexLM licensing software Virtual NICs are no longer supported. Therefore, when you are using a Virtual NIC the host ID will appear as "FFFFFFFF", which is the same as if you had no NIC at all, to the Xilinx licensing tools (i.e. XLCM and"lmutil lmhostid").

To work around this issue you need to pick another host ID that exists on the computer, such as the disk serial number. You can determine what the disk serial number is by running the command "lmutil lmhostid -vsn".

Xilinx has also found that depending on where your ethernet card is located, FlexLM may or may not pick up the Virtual NIC's MAC address. You can try changing the location of the card such as moving it from eth3 to eth0 on Linux.

This is not a bug, but rather a deliberate change in the FlexLM software.
AR# 36286
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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