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AR# 36444

Serial RapidIO v5.5 - The SRIO core does not have the port response time-out counter


LogiCORE Serial RapidIO core ver.5.5 does not have the port response time-out counter. Why is it missing? Is it compliant with theRapidIO Interconnect Specification?


We chose not to implement the port response time-out counters as many customers do not need them. Also, they require packet tracking which is a transaction layer concept and our Core only implements up through the link layer. This way we are able to provide customers that need this functionality the mechanism to do so, without forcing customers that do not need it to waste resources.

As for not being compliant, the specification states that what to do when these counters expire is "implementation" dependent. In other words, there is no required behavior based on the expiration of the timers. Because of this, there is no "test" that can be run to determine compliance and, therefore, there is no way to be non-compliant.
AR# 36444
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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