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AR# 36599

12.x iMPACT - How do I generate a PROM file to target a Bottom Boot BPI flash? Can I program a Bottom Boot Flash?


When I attempt to program the Bottom Boot P30 flash, the following error occurs in iMPACT:

"'1': Errors encountered while loading microprogram."

How do I generate a PROM file to target a Bottom Boot BPI flash?

If a flash is Bottom Boot, how do I generate a PROM file to avoid programming the sector at address 0x0?


To generate a PROM file, use the command line:

promgen -w -p mcs -c FF -o <filename> -s 32768 -u 1000 <filename>.bit -u 600000 <filename>.bit -data_width 16 -bpi_dc parallel

In iMPACT, select the part name of the same density, use the above MCS file and operate as usual. One caution is that if the bottom flash has data previously programmed to the first 4 blocks, iMPACT will not be able to erase it, and thus configuration will not work.

NOTE: Take care to set the startup clock as CCLK in BitGen as promgen does not correct it.
AR# 36599
Date 02/18/2011
Status Active
Type General Article
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