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AR# 366

5.2 XMAKE - Error 3515,3516 about mixed libraries when -L used on old design


When running XMake 5.2 with the -L option (use old library only), XNFPrep may still issue an error that the input .XTG or .XFF file has elements from both the old and the new libraries.


This usually happens after inadvertently running XMake without the -L option, then running it again with the -L option. During the second run, XMake determines that it is not necessary to recompile the XTG or XFF file , and so passes the old invalid netlist to XNFPrep

To recompile the file properly, run XMake with the -R option (force
re-execution of all programs).

AR# 366
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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