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AR# 36710

DSP48 Macro- How can I use multiple instructions?


How can I use multiple instructions in the DSP48 Macro?



The DSP48 Macro can support up to 64 instructions: 

The user specifies 1 to 64 instructions in the core GUI which are translated into the various control signals for the XtremeDSP slice of the target device. 

The instructions are stored in a ROM from which the user selects the appropriate instruction using the SEL port.


The width of SEL will change according to the number of instruction specified.


Instructions 0 to 7: Specify the operations the core is to implement including text entry of the desired arithmetic operation to be generated on the P output port. 

The left side of the expression, P=, is implicitly declared and should not be specified.

Instructions are case insensitive.

Valid operands: D, A, ACIN, B, BCIN, CONCAT, C, PCIN, CARRYIN, CARRYCASCIN, 0 Valid operators: +, -, *, >>17, (, )

Valid functions: rndsimple, rndsym

Example instructions: A*B+C, (D+A)*B+PCIN, P-CONCAT-C, rndsym(PCIN)

See the "Instruction Format" section for further details on the instruction format and supported operations.

Instructions 8 to 63: Specifies instructions 8 to 63 using a comma-delimited list of instructions.


AR# 36710
Date 01/05/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • DSP48 Macro
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