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AR# 36777

12.2 EDK - SDK Tactical Patch


There are three SDK issues that were discovered after the 12.2 build was finalized:

- Only one Include Path is used

-- Symptom: When a project has multiple include paths, only the first one is present in the gcc command line and the rest are ignored.

- Projects are recompiled every time SDK is closed/re-opened

-- Issue: When SDK is closed and re-opened, it compiles all the files even if their corresponding object files are already present. This is a serious issue for big projects with long build times.

- SDK's UART implementation does not work

-- Issue: In the debug configuration, the STDIO port tab only lists a single item "Detecting COM Ports", and it never updates to actually list the COM ports available.


A tactical patch has been created to fix these three issues.

Extract the three ".jar" files in this archive into the folder:

AR# 36777
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 12.2
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