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AR# 37032

ChipScope IBERT - Can Iteration Dwell Time be greater than 20 seconds?


When I choose a time value of more than 20 seconds asthe Iteration Dwell Time, IBERT prints multiple BER values in each iteration.
Below is an example logfor 40 seconds Iteration Dwell Time.

Test Iteration 1 of 5
Start Time: Tue Jul 27 16:33:46 CST 2010
TX Diff Swing = 590 mV (0110)
TX Pre-Emphasis = 0.000 dB (0000)
RX Eq = 0

RX Sampling Point Link # Bits # Errs BER
------------------- ----- ----------- ----------- -----------
76 (0.598 UI) YES 98617613340 0 1.014E-011
76 (0.598 UI) YES 198611031820 0 5.035E-012

Which one is the correct BER of the iteration?


TheIteration Dwell Time can be greater than 20 seconds.
IBERT records BER every 20 seconds, so there are multiple BER values printed by IBERT if theIteration Dwell Time is morethan 20 seconds.
You should see the last BER of each iteration and ignore the ones prior to the last one.

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AR# 37032
Date 12/15/2012
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