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AR# 37200

HSSIO - How to clear RXPRBSERR?


How is RXPRBSERR cleared after it goes high?


For Virtex-5 GTP and GTX,once RXPRBSERR is asserted, it will notgolow even though there is no PRBS error in the datastream until PRBSCNTRESET is asserted. Of course,GTP(X)RESET, RXCDRRESET, and RXRESET can clearRXPRBSERR. That is,RXPRBSERR must be cleared manually.

However, for Virtex-6 GTX and Spartan-6 GTP, RXPRBSERR goes high when PRBS error detected and goes back low if there is no longer any PRBS error in the following datastream. Of course,PRBSCNTRESET,GTXRXRESET (V6),GTPRESET(S6), RXCDRRESET, and RXRESET can clearRXPRBSERR.That is,RXPRBSERR can be cleared either manually or automatically.
AR# 37200
Date 08/30/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Virtex-5
  • Spartan-6
  • Virtex-6
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