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AR# 37237

Project Navigator - How to make a process Up to Date?


As each process within Project Navigator completes, the process status will be updated depending on the outcome of the process.

Green Check mark - The process completed without error or warning
Yellow triangle with exclamation point - The process completed with warnings
Red X - The process failed or completed with errors

If the timestamp on a source file or the completion time of a prior process is newer than the completion time of a process, the status will be marked Out of Date (Orange question mark).

In some cases the user would like to proceed with subsequent processes even though a process is out of date.

How can a process be forced up to date in Project Navigator?


The status of a process can be forced Up to Date by either:
  • Selecting the desired process thenusing the menu selectionProcess -> "Force Process Up-to-Date".
  • Right-clicking on the desiredprocess, and choosing "Force Process Up-to-Date".

Note: The"Force Process Up-to-Date" action does not run any processes to on the design files. It only changes the status seen by Project Navigator to allow subsequent processes to be run without re-running the process with the forced status. Subsequent processes will run with the dependant design files as they are. If those files do not exist, the files the process will fail.
AR# 37237
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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