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AR# 37416

iMPACT 12.x, Spartan-3AN - Verifying device...ERROR:iMPACT - writeLength is not equal to readLength


In iMPACT 12.x if you try to generate a SVF/XSVF file that verifies the internal flash of Spartan-3AN FPGA, you get a error:

1': Verifying device...ERROR:iMPACT - writeLength is not equal to readLength.

If you play this SVF on
3AN ISF, the following error occrus:

ERROR:iMPACT - On line 69055,Failed ScanDR: TDO .......
does not match Expected TDO .......
EXCEPTION:iMPACT:SVFReader.c:376:1.30 - Scan Data Mismatch.
INFO:iMPACT:2146 - Play svf failed.


This will be fixed in a future iMPACT 12.4 version. The work around is to revert to an 11.x version of iMPACT.
AR# 37416
Date 09/29/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Spartan-3AN
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