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AR# 37519

Processor IP XMTC - Does it support Spartan-6 devices?


I would like to use Lauterbach debugger in a Spartan-6 device.

Does XMTC core support Spartan-6 FPGA?


XMTC core currently does not support Spartan-6 devices.

Please contact Lauterbach for their recommendation on how to use their tool for Spartan-6 FPGA.

If XMTC is required to be used, the probable work-around might be to take the existing core and change the parameters in MPD file to add Spartan-6 FPGA:

  1. Copy the XMTC core into your local pcore directory, open the MPD file:
  2. Modifyline 57 to add support for Spartan-6:
  3. In XPS, go to Project -> Rescan User Repository. If the above modification is done correctly, you should see the core in the IP Catalog

NOTE:This is not supported by Xilinx as it has not been tested.

MicroBlaze still provides a native trace port (MTC interface) that provides visibility into MicroBlaze operations.

Also, MDM is still available for basic processor control, register access, etc.

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AR# 37519
Date 12/15/2012
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  • EDK - 12.4
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