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AR# 37696

13.1 Project Navigator - Associated Enviroment Variable not resolved when used to MAP Modelsim compiled libraries for Modelsim simulation


If I use an environment variable to map the Modelsim compiled libraries, this causes an error in Project Navigator when I run a Modlesim simulation:

Sample Extract from Modelsim.ini file:

secureip = $XILINX_LIB_PATH\secureip
simprim = $XILINX_LIB_PATH\simprim
simprims_ver = $XILINX_LIB_PATH\simprims_ver

Error Received:

Error extract:
Creating automatic do files...
  * udo file already exist (tb_testy_top_vhd.udo). It will not be re-generated.
  * creating main do file (tb_testy_top_vhd.fdo) for Behavioral Simulation...
     > executing '/home/mentor/modelsim/modelsim_6.6b/modeltech/linux_x86_64/vsim -version' to get the mti_se version...
     > mti_se version is 6.6b
  * determining pre-compiled simulation library path information...
   > using mapping file set by MODELSIM env (/home/mentor/modelsim/modelsim_6.6b/modeltech/modelsim.ini)...
    > extracting library mapping information from '/home/mentor/modelsim/modelsim_6.6b/modeltech/modelsim.ini'...
        > secureip (ERROR: Library path "$XILINX_LIB_PATH/secureip" does not exist)

ERROR: The library path specified in the 'modelsim.ini' file for mapping the 'secureip'
       library does not exist. Please fix the ini file or recompile the simulation libraries.

INFO: Simulation process aborted!


To work around the issue in ISE Design Suite 12.x, the following options are available:

  • Use Modelsim standalone as Modelsim resolves the environment variable.
  • Copy the "modelsim.ini" file into the project run directory and replace the environment variable with the full path to the libraries.

In ISE Design Suite 13.1, Project Navigator maps the variables as follows:

  • On Linux, Project Navigator maps $VAR_name $VAR_name.foo and $VAR_name/lower_directory.
  • Project Navigator does not support ${whatever} on Linux.

In ISE Design Suite 13.2, Project Navigator will accept the $VAR_name syntax on Windows Operating Systems as well as Linux since Modelsim does not accept the %VAR_name% syntax.

AR# 37696
Date 10/03/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.2
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.3
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.1
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