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AR# 37753

EDK - How can I align a 64-bit struct member to have the smallest possible alignment?


I have the following struct with a mixed of 32-bit word and 64-bit word:
struct my_Struct
int a;
long long b;
According to the PPC405 datasheet, the alignment might introduce padding of four bytes between "a" and "b".
How can I force "b" to be aligned to a 32-bit boundary and eliminate the padding?


The attribute "packed "can be used to specify that a variable or structure field should have the smallest possible alignment, unless you specify a larger value with the aligned attribute.
For an example of the above struct, you can use the "packed" attribute as follows:
struct my_Struct
int a;
long long b __attribute__ ((packed));
struct __attribute__ ((packed)) my_Struct
int a;
long long b ;
Alternatively, compiler option -fpack-struct can be used to pack all structure members together without holes.
Additional information:
AR# 37753
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Design Advisory
  • EDK - 10.1 sp2
  • EDK - 10.1
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