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AR# 383

XACT 5.0 software WILL work in OS/2 environment


Although the OS/2 environment is not officially supported by
Xilinx, it is possible to use the XACT 5 software under OS/2.
In fact, for memory-intensive operations such as editing large
designs in EDITLCA or running large designs through PPR, OS/2's
memory handling has proved superior. Very large devices, such
as the 4013, can be routed on a 16 meg machine running OS/2.
An entire 4013 can be loaded into EDITLCA using OS/2. It is
important to note that these tests were superficial, and that
no real testing has been done in the OS/2 environment. Users
may have problem in the OS/2 environment that will not be
supported by Xilinx.

AR# 383
Date 03/31/1997
Status Archive
Type ??????
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