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AR# 3898

M1, ngdbuild, Error: basnu:94 - logical root block ... of type ... is unexpanded.


Keywords: M1, ngdbuild, error, basnu, 94, root, unexpanded

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
While running a design through the implementation tools (M1), the translate
stage (ngdbuild) produces the following error:

Error: basnu:94 - logical root block ... of type ... is unexpanded.


An error regarding unexpanded blocks means that ngdbuild was
unable to locate all the netlists required to define the design.

In this case, ngdbuild is unable to locate the top-level netlist.

This generally happens when the design entry tools generate the
design netlists in one directory and the implementation tools
(M1) are looking for them in another.

This can be resolved by noting the location that the netlists
are saved by the design entry tools and verifying that the
Design Manager is pointed to this same directory.
To check where the Design Manager is looking for the netlist,
in the Design Manager, choose Design - Properties and verify
that the directory points to the correct location (there will
be additional folders, into the xproj directory that can be
ignored eg ver and rev).

If these settings are incorrect, create a new project in the
Design Manager and point to the correct top-level netlist as
the 'Input Design'.

This error should not occur when using the default Foundation
flow, since the 'Input Design' and 'Work Directory' are set
AR# 3898
Date 03/29/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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