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AR# 39001

10.1 EDK - "ERROR:PhysDesignRules:1492 - Incompatible programming for comp..."


Ihave selected the Virtex-5 FPGA evaluation board, provided by XPS, and some other peripherals (e.g., UART, flash etc.). When I attempt to generate the bitstream file,the following error occurs:
"ERROR:PhysDesignRules:1492 - Incompatible programming for comp mb_plb_M_ABus<1>. The pair of luts SLICEL_D5LUT andSLICEL_D6LUT must have a compatible equation, lower bits must be programmed the same. The SLICEL_D5LUT hex equationis <O5=0x08080808> and the SLICEL_D6LUT hex equation is <O6=0x607AA67800008888>.
ERROR:Pack:1642 - Errors in physical DRC.

Mapping completed.
See MAP report file "system_map.mrp" for details.
Problem encountered during the packing phase.

Design Summary
Number of errors : 32
Number of warnings : 22
ERROR:Xflow - Program map returned error code 2. Aborting flow execution...
make: *** [__xps/system_routed] Error 1

How do I remove these errors?


This problem has been fixed in the latest 10.1.03 Service Packs available at:
AR# 39001
Date 05/19/2012
Status Active
Type Error Message
  • EDK - 10.1
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