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AR# 39251

Licensing - Does Xilinx provide floating license for LogicCORE IP evaluation?


I want to evaluate some LogicCORE IPs, like Viterbi Decoder, Interleaver/De-Interleaver and so on.

On product licensing site, when I add it from "Evaluation and No Charge IP" into the list of product entitlements, I see the licensing type is "Node/Floating".

However, only "Generate Node-locked License" is enabled for this IP.

How can I generate a floating license for IP evaluation?


If the license type is listed as "Node/Floating" then any account administrator or Floating licensed enable member can generate a floating license for the IP core evaluation.

Only the customer account administrator, or an End User who has been granted Floating License generation status by the administrator is provided with the abilityto generate floating licenses for Xilinx software and IP products.

For more information on user types and entitlements, please refer to Installation, Licensing and Release notes.


If you are not the Xilinx account administrator for your site, please contact your license administrator to ask to be added to the Product Licensing Account for your site. Refer to (Xilinx Answer 30592) if you do not know account details.

For an evaluation user, there's no admin account set up. Please contact your FAE to get special permission from Xilinx marketing.
AR# 39251
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.1
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