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AR# 39572

ChipScope - Is it possible to read out the Buffer contents when there is no trigger condition?


When waiting for a Trigger condition to occur, the Buffer is filled with data. Is there any way to view the buffer contents if the trigger condition does not occur?


Currently, it is not possible to view the buffer contents without the trigger condition occurring; it is planned to add this to a later version of ChipScope.

As a workaround the following could be done:

An additional signal can be added to the design. This could either be a Push Button on the board or a VIO. This signal is used as the trigger condition so when you want to read out the buffer you just switch this signal and then ChipScope will trigger and read out the buffer data. To get the previous data you can set the position to the max value of the buffer depth.

AR# 39572
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ChipScope Pro - 12.1
  • ChipScope Pro - 12.2
  • ChipScope Pro - 12.3
  • ChipScope Pro - 12.4
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