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AR# 39573

13.x Licensing - The "Host Id Matches" Column in XLCM is not Filled Out for Features Locked to a Dongle


I have a problem with Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) where the "Host Id Matches" column is not filled out correctly; it stays blank all the time, and does not show either Yes or No across all of the license features that are tied to the dongle.

My dongle license is working fine, as I can run MAP and PAR when the dongle is in. And, if I remove the dongle, the Flex ID Host ID is no longer available and MAP, PAR, and BitGen fail with a licensing error (as expected). Also, I have multiple dongles inserted into the same machine at the same time.

How can I be absolutely clear that my license (.lic) files and my dongles are matched correctly?


XLCM has two known issues with the listing in the "Host Id Matches" column for Flex ID dongles:

  1. There is a case sensitivity problem with dongle Flex ID Host IDs. Even though FLEX licensing and the Xilinx Software tools accept upper case characters in the license file, XLCM will not show that the dongle Flex ID and the license Host ID match if the license uses upper case characters. This issue is resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.1.
  2. If more than one FlexID dongle is on the machine, XLCM will not show that the dongle FlexID and the license HostID match. This issue was partially fixed in ISE Design Suite 14.1.

Both cases are only a visual problem with XLCM.Running "lmutil lmdiag -c <license file>" at a command line will give definite results about the validity of the license with respect to all Host IDs for the machine.

Running "lmutil lmhostid -flexid" at a command line will give the available Flex ID Host IDs for the machine.

The "Yes" in the "Host ID Matches" column will be posted if:

  • The Host ID in the license file has all lower case letters, that is:
    • As "FLEXID Dongle ID" in the XLCM is case sensitive, you would need to edit your license file (.lic file) and manually make all the Upper case letters for the HOSTID (FLEXID) to lower case, for example,9-723d910d, and not 9-723D910D. Then, save this license file and re-launch the XLCM.
  • The Host ID of the dongle matches the Host ID of the license, and
  • There is only one USB dongle visible on the machine, and
  • There is only one USB dongle visible on the machine when XLCM was open:
    • If you have more than one dongle inserted, to be able to see "Yes" in the "Host ID Matches" column (that is, to see if the required Host IDs of the Dongle and the license file in the XLCM are both matched), you would need to remove the other dongle(s) when looking at XLCM.

You are not going to see "No" posted; it is either "Yes" or blank.

See also : (Xilinx Answer 43209)

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AR# 39573
Date 10/12/2012
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