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AR# 39769

12.4 AXI BFM - 12.4 AXI BFM Usage and Examples README


This Answer Record contains some brief descriptions of the setup, example tests and scripts available in the AXI_BFM "examples" directory. It contains similar content to the AXI BFM README planned for ISE software 13.1.


Environment Setup

In order to run the simulation please ensure that you set up the Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.4 environment appropriately.

1) Ensure the correct path setting for Modelsim exists. Specifically,


2) Call up the Xilinx Command prompt:
Xilinx ISE Design Suite 12.4 > Accessories > ISE Design Suite Command Prompt

This will set up a local environment such that the AXI BFM license can be checked out. Specifically, when the Xilinx Command Prompt is launched, it goes on to launch the batch file settings32.bat in the background.

1) Go to your XILINX installation directory.

2) Type source settings32.(c)sh whichever is appropriate to your shell.



The examples directories contain the following example tests:

- cdn_axi3_example_memory_model_test.v
- cdn_axi3_example_tb.v
- cdn_axi3_example_test.v
- cdn_axi4_example_memory_model_test.v
- cdn_axi4_example_tb.v
- cdn_axi4_example_test.v
- cdn_axi4_lite_example_memory_model_test.v
- cdn_axi4_lite_example_tb.v
- cdn_axi4_lite_example_test.v
- cdn_axi4_streaming_example_tb.v
- cdn_axi4_streaming_example_test.v

Each of the above tests are described in detail in the header of each test and in the cdn_axi_bfm_vip user guide.


ModelSim Windows Example Scripts

The following ModelSim ".do" files are intended to make running the example tests on windows easier. Please note that these scripts will not work on UNIX/Linux:

- axi3_example.do
- axi3_example_memory_model.do
- axi4_example.do
- axi4_example_memory_model.do
- axi4_lite_example.do
- axi4_lite_example_memory_model.do
- axi4_streaming_example.do

To run the Modelsim examples:

1) Launch Modelsim (by simply typing "vsim") from the Xilinx Command Prompt opened in Step 2 in the "Environment Setup / Windows" section above.

2) Inside the ModelSim GUI, change directory (File / Change Directory...) to the AXI BFM Examples directory

(<<Xilinx Install Location>>\12.4\ISE_DS\ISE\AXI_BFM\mti\cdn_axi_bfm_vip\examples)

3) Run the example design of your choice by executing the corresponding .do file. For example, from the ModelSim command prompt, type "axi4_example.do".


Unix/Linux Scripts/Makefile

Note: There is no support for Linux-64 Native version of ModelSim in this release. If running the simulation on a 64-bit Linux machine,
please set the following to ensure you are in 32-bit mode

setenv MTI_VCO_MODE 32

This directory contains a makefile that has targets for each example test for running on Unix/Linux:

- Makefile

The make file should be called as follows:

make TEST=<test_file_name.v> <target>


clean: This option cleans all compiled files and log files

example_test_axi3: Target for any AXI3 example test
example_test_axi4: Target for any AXI4 Full example test
example_test_axi4_lite: Target for any AXI4-Lite example test
example_test_axi4_streaming: Target for any AXI4-Stream example test

All of the above targets (except clean) can have an '_i' appended to the end to start interactive mode (i.e. start the test and tools in GUI mode).

All of the above targets (except clean) can have an 'ms_' pre-pended to the start of the target to enable simulation with ModelSim.

Associated with this makefile are shell scripts (.sh) that run each of the example tests on ModelSim and return the test result (pass or fail):

- run_all.sh

These shell scripts are useful for testing that the cdn_axi_bfm_vip is correctly installed and licensed.
AR# 39769
Date 01/21/2011
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