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AR# 39787

Soft Error Mitigation Controller - The core does not transition out of the initialization state


During the initialization state, the controller attempts to read the device ID from the ICAP. If the controller cannot access the ICAP and perform this function, the controller does not transition to the observation mode.
What could keep the controller from accessing the ICAP?


Using the monitor output, you can track the progress of the core. As shown in the LogiCORE IP Soft Error Mitigation Controller v1.1 User Guide (UG764), the normal monitor output is:

V6_SEM_V1_1 Name and Version
SC 01 State Change, Initialization
FS {2-digit hex value} Core Configuration Information
ICAP OK ICAP Available
RDBK OK Readback Active
INIT OK Completed Setup
SC 02 State Change, Observation

If the ICAP cannot read back the device ID, it stops at "ICAP" and does not display "OK". This is a good indication that the SEM controller is not able to access the ICAP and you need to determine what is causing that to happen. Some possibilities are:
  • The ICAP instantiation is not correct; meaning the connections to the controller are incorrect.
  • The ICAPinstantiation needs to set the ICAP_WIDTH to x32 through an attribute on the instantiation (see the example below).
  • The user is accessing the device's configuration
The best way to rule out problems with the instantiation is to try the example design that is generated with the core. If this works, then you should focus on your code where the controller and the ICAP are instantiated and connected. If this also fails, then look for other factors that might be influencing the FPGA's configuration.

An example of the ICAP instantiation:

example_icap (

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AR# 39787
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  • Virtex-6 CXT
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  • Soft Error Mitigation
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