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AR# 39842

LogiCORE IP Video Scaler v2.1 - Why is the line_request signal being de-asserted even though I should have plenty of time?


I have calculated the required clock for the Video Scaler v2.1 and the fastest I should need to run is 135MHz. 

However the line_request signal is continually being de-asserted causing the video scaler to miss input lines, and as a result is failing to produce all of the expected output lines.

How can this issue be fixed?


This issue can be solved by moving to Video Scaler v3.0 or later. 

In version 3.0 the multi-engine mode is available as an option to work around this problem.

See (Xilinx Answer 31958) for a detailed list of LogiCORE IP Video Scaler Release Notes and Known Issues.

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AR# 39842
Date 08/05/2014
Status Archive
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  • Video Scaler
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