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AR# 403

Workstation licensing, XACT 5.0 - Use XLMCON for debugging.


Keywords: XACT, 5.0, XLMCON, debug, workstation, licensing, security

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What should I do to debug a licensing problem on my workstation with XACT 5.0 software?


In $XACT/bin/<platform>, where <platform> is either "sparc," "hppa," or "apollo," there is a program called XLMCON. This program can be used to help debug workstation licensing problems.

After starting XLMCON, type "help" to see the help text, which is also shown below:

Commands for XLMCON:

which -- Shows the name of the license file
hostname -- Shows the host name of this computer
hostid -- Shows the host ID of this computer
quick_check [-a] -- Checks out/in first [all] XXACTD feature(s) in the license
verify [-y] -- Verifies encryption of all XXACTD features in the license
list [feature] -- Lists users of features in use [only of feature]
list -a -- Lists all features, showing current users
show [feature] -- Shows the license file lines [only containing feature]
checkout feature -- Checks out the named feature
checkin feature -- Checks in the named feature
reread -- Tells DAEMON to reread FEATUREs from the license file
startup or start -- Starts the license server (using XLMASU)
shutdown or stop -- Stops the license server
version -- Shows the versions of the licensing programs
sn -- Shows the contents of the serial number file
help or ? -- Prints this list of commands
exit or quit -- Exits the XLMCON program
AR# 403
Date 06/29/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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