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AR# 40892

13.1 Project Navigator - "Open Project: The directory path is not valid and cannot be used. (Invalid path after ## characters)"


When I attempt to open a project in 13.1,a message similar to the following appears:


Open Project
The directory path 'C:/projects-13_1/test_project.xise' is not valid and can not be used. (Invalid path after 11 characters)

How can I resolve this issue?


This error messageis likely due to a '-' (dash) character present in the project path or file name. The character number refers to the character before the dash.

To work around the issue, remove the '-' from the project path or file name.

The dash character has never officially been supported (see "Additional Information" below). However, up until ISE Design Suite 13.1, it has been allowed. When this portion of code was being revised, the developer designed the tools to conform to the documented standard. This issue has been reported by many customers. Therefore,ISE Design Suite 13.2 is going to be revised to allow the '-' (dash) character in the path name.

A tactical patch that will allow users to create or open projects in a directory structure that includes dashes is available at:

Additional Information

From the ISE Documentation, under "Naming Conventions":

  • Project directories must start with a letter (A-Z, a-z), and should contain only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and underscores (_).

In addition, the following conventions apply:

  • These characters are not allowed in project directory names: forward slash (/), backslash (\), colon (:), asterisk (*), question mark (?), brackets ([ ]), angle brackets (< >), dollar sign ($), percent sign (%), tab (\t), return (\r), new line (\n).
  • Forward slashes (/) are allowed as project path hierarchy separators on both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Backslashes (\) are allowed as project path hierarchy separators on the Windows platform only.
  • Spaces are allowed in project directory names on the Windows platform only.
  • All other characters not explicitly mentioned are not recommended for project directory names.
AR# 40892
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Error Message
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.1