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AR# 41398

Obsolete Device Solution Center - Embedded Solution Center


The Obsolete Device Solution Center is to aid EDK users of the affected devices Virtex-E, Virtex-II, and Spartan-IIE families.

The platform with which these devices are supported on is still, as it was, with EDK 10.1i. This Solution Center addresses known issues and also includes generic issues in this release.


Known Issues in EDK 10.1i

For a list of known issues in the EDK 10.1i, see (Xilinx Answer 30595).

EDK 10.1

Question: Where can I install the latest ISE/EDK service packs?
Answer: For ISE Service Pack, see (Xilinx Answer 10959). For EDK Service Pack, see (Xilinx Answer 25399).

Question: What is the supported Operating System for EDK 10.1i?
Answer: See Chapter 3 of the ISE Design Suite User Manual.

Question: Can I use my projects created in previous versions of the EDK tool in the 10.1i tool?
Answer: Yes, the tool has a rev up tool. The rev up tool will look for any updated IP in your project and automatically update your IP. This will only be done for minor IP changes.

Question: What versions of the bus are available in EDK 10.1i for the affected devices?
Answer: The PLBv46, legacy PLBv34, and OPB buses remain.

Question: What IP are available in the EDK 10.1i?
Answer: The full list of all IP and the supported devices is available in IP_details.PDF attached to this Answer Record.

Question: What processors are supported in EDK 10.1i?
Answer: The PowerPC processor is supported on Virtex devices. The Soft processor and MicroBlaze processor are supported on all devices.

Question: What are my debugging options in EDK 10.1i?
Answer: For software debugging, the SDK (Chapter 6) and the GNU debugger in XPS (Chapter 11).

The ChipScope tool can be used for non-intrusive hardware debugging of the FPGA. All these tools come with the EDK tool.

Generic Issues with EDK 10.1

10.1 XPS - What Patches are available in EDK 10.1, see (Xilinx Answer 30277).

10.1 Base System Builder (BSB) does not configure a soft core TEMAC properly, see (Xilinx Answer 30967).


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AR# 41398
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