AR# 41540 14.5 EDK - FPGA is configured, but the MicroBlaze application does not boot when using genace.tcl with System ACE CompactFlash

I am using the CompactFlash (CF) card on the board to configure my FPGA and download my application. The FPGA is configured, but the software application does not boot from MicroBlaze processor.

How can I resolve this?

The CPU_VERSION option passed to the genace.tcl needs to be passed the correct information about the MicroBlaze processor.

For example, for 14.5 designs the MicroBlaze v8_40 is used and set to big endian by default.

So the genace command will be similar to below:

xmd -tcl genace.tcl -jprog -target mdm -hw system.bit -cpu_version microblaze_v8be -elf hello.elf -board ml605 -ace test.ace

For more information on the genace options see Chapter 13 in the Embedded System Tools Reference Manual here.

AR# 41540
Date Created 08/03/2011
Last Updated 04/18/2013
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