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AR# 41583

13.1 EDK - I cannot generate the "image.mfs" file in Windows XP/7 for XAPP1026


I am usingthe followingcommand to generate the "image.mfs" file onmy Windows XP and Windows 7 machines:

$ mfsgen -cvbf ../image.mfs 2048 *

However, the following error message occurs:
"ERROR;EDK:37777 - File * does not exist or is not readable."

This command is described on page 18 of the LightWeight IP (lwIP) Application Examples Application Note (XAPP1026):

How can I work around this issue?


To work around this problem, use the following command:

mfsgen -cvbf ../image.mfs 2048 css images js yui generate-mfs index.html

This commandworks on Windows as well as Linux.

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AR# 41583
Date 12/15/2012
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