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AR# 416

5.0 PPR - using XDE-EDITLCA colorblk command in guide file may cause error 12205


PPR may issue the following error on an LCA file that was edited in XDE:

PPR ERROR 12205:
In the guide .LCA file, block BLOCKNAME could not be translated. Please
contact Xilinx support personnel.

This may occur if a ColorBlk command in the LCA file has no block to color.
For example, you may see the following in the LCA file:

ColorBlk 2 <BLOCKNAME> (or some other color number)

but there is no block in the design called <BLOCKNAME>.

It is not clear how the ColorBlk becomes disassociated, but the quick and
easy workaround is to comment out the line in the LCA file with a semicolon.

AR# 416
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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