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AR# 41885

Licensing - What options are available to Manage License Key Files?


On the Product Licensing site, what options are available to Manage License Key Files?


The Product Licensing Site keeps track of the license key files you have generated. 

By clicking the "Manage Licenses" tab, you can see all of the license key files that have been generated for your product entitlement account.

From the Manage Licenses page, the actions described below can be taken depending upon your needs.

  • Exploring and Retrieving Your Existing License Key Files: Information regarding the license key files and activation fulfillment records that have been generated in your product entitlement account are presented in a "master / detail" view.
    By clicking on a row in the master view in the top table, detailed information about the license key file/activation record is displayed in the detail view in the bottom table.
    The detail view table includes:
    • List of product entitlements that have been activated in the key file
    • Comments associated with the key file
    • Ability to download, email, or copy and paste the contents of the license key file (click the corresponding icons on the lower left portion of the detail view)
    • Ability to delete a license key file  - certificate-based licenses (.lic) only. Activation-based licenses may be returned by using the "Return License" screen in Vivado License Manager
    • Ability to view the end user license agreement you accepted (if applicable)
  • Modifying a Certificate-based License File: In order to modify an existing license key file, select the license key file in the master view and then click the "Modify License" button in the detail view.
    Activation-based licenses do not need to be modified in the way described below.
    Instead, simply return an activation-based license to Xilinx, and issue a corrected license from the "Create New Licenses" tab.

    A certificated-based license key file can be modified in one of the following ways:
    • Rehosting or changing the license server host for a license key file, see (Xilinx Answer 42405)
    • Adding additional seats to an existing license file
    • Removing seats from an existing license file
    • Adding additional product entitlements to a license file
    • Deleting product entitlements from a license file

    The process for modifying a license file uses the same input form as when the license key file was created except that additional product entitlements of the same license type (floating or node-locked) are made available for licensing.

  • Reclaiming Deleted License Components: A license component entitlement is deleted in the following situations: 

    • Changing the license server host for a license file
    • Removing seats from an existing licensed product entitlement
    • Deleting product entitlements from a license key file
    When you delete seats or remove products from your certificate-based license files, the entitlement is essentially "put back" or reallocated into your licensing account.
    You will find that the number of entitled seats in the Create New Licenses tab of your account is incremented by the same number of seats you deleted previously from existing license files.
    Before the reallocation of entitlement occurs, you must first agree to an Affidavit of Destruction.
    This legal agreement is required to ensure the deactivated product entitlements are no longer being used.
    The number of allocation operations is recorded for each user.
    Administrators are allowed to reallocate product entitlements five times per major release.
    End users are allowed to reallocate product entitlements three times per major release.
AR# 41885
Date 11/06/2014
Status Active
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