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AR# 42990

XAPP424 - SVF2ACE Fails to Generate ACE File


My ACE file fails to generate with the XAPP424 SVF2ACE tool. What are the known issues?


The following are the known bugs and their respective workarounds:

  • "Error : Invalid[command] format" - there is a syntax error in one or more commands in the file.This is commonly encountered when the last command in the file (usually an SDR command) is not semicolon delimited.Add a semicolon to this line and try again.
  • "Error : EOF_CH" - this error occurs when the last line in the file is a comment instead of a command. While this is syntactically correct, the SVF2ACE tool does not handle the situation gracefully.Make sure that the last line of the file is a properly formatted, semicolon delimited command.

If your issue persists, try using the latest version of the iMPACT softwarein batch mode to generate the ACE file. This can be called as follows:

>impact -batch

>setmode -bs

>svf2ace {options}

AR# 42990
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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