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AR# 43108

13.2 PlanAhead - GTHE2_COMMON Primitive is recognized as a Black Box


When loading a Netlist Design or Implemented Design,I get a pop-up message similar to the following for my design that contains a GTHE2 primitive.

While importing this netlist, 1 undefined instance was found and converted to a black box.
Make sure you have loaded all intended module definitions before proceeding.
Black boxes can be populated by using the Add Sources operation and re-running Synthesis.
Module name: GTHE2_COMMON

I am unable to constrain or place my GHTE2_COMMON component. The PlanAhead tool seesaconstraint such as:
INST gthe2True.gthe2Gen[0].gthe2/GTHE2_COMMON_inst LOC = GTHE2_COMMON_X1Y3 ;
as invalid.


To use and constrain the GTHE2_COMMON component in a PlanAhead 13.2 design, you will need to download the following tactical patch:


In the 13.3 ISE Design Suite, this patch will no longer be needed.

AR# 43108
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • PlanAhead - 13.2
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