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AR# 43166

MIG Spartan-6 MCB - SecureIP Simulation


This section of the MIG Design Assistant focuses on simulation for the Spartan-6 MCB SecureIP.

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The simulation model of the underlying MCB contained within the MIG (or EDK) wrapper is encrypted as specified in Verilog LRM-IEEE Std 1364-2005.The encrypted model of the MCB is automatically compiled when the usual COMPXLIB script is run, provided the appropriate version of the simulator is available on the computer. When running a simulation, the secureip library must be referenced. If "ISE/verilog/src/unisims/MCB.v" or "ISE/vhdl/src/unisims/secureip/MCB.vhd" is used as the simulation model of the MCB for VCS or other simulation tools,an erroris reported. "B_MCB" is the model for the MCB which can be found in SecureIP library.

Since internal nodes cannot be observed in the simulation, some signals of the MCB wrapper can be used to debug; refer to (Xilinx Answer 43163).

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AR# 43166
Date 01/28/2013
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