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AR# 43853

Licensing - Where do I find my voucher? What is a voucher?


This answer recordprovides details regarding Flex LM licensing and theXilinx licensevoucher process.


Issue:Xilinx and Xilinx distribution partners use voucher certification numbersin board kits and "online" Development System ordersthat must be redeemed prior to licensing.For board kits, these vouchers look like a couponwith bar codes on it. For a board kit,the vouchers are located within the literature in the box;please look carefully.For non-board products, the voucher number is emailed to you.

Process: Our valued customer redeems this voucher at www.xilinx.com/getlicense. Here, you can see your profile information first, and then select "Next". The following page has a "Have a Voucher to Redeem" box under the "Create New Licenses" tab. After entering the voucher code andselecting "Redeem Now", the product license you purchased appears in the box underneath it, in the "Create New Licenses" section. You can now proceed with licensing.

Note: Distribution partner software orders will be sent to Xilinx directly from the distribution partner.These licenseentitlements will be loaded directly into the account and do notuse vouchers.

AR# 43853
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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