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AR# 441

XNFBA 5.0: about ERROR 301 <delay> on <PIN> of <instance> is not annotated.The pin is connected to the signal <signal>.





When back-annotating a design, XNFBA produces the following error:

XNFBA error 301: delay <value> on PIN <pin> of <symbol instance> is not annotated.
The pin is connected to the signal <signal>.


ERROR 301 means that there is a delay in the post-routed xnf file
that XNFBA can't figure out where it belongs in the pre-route xnf file.

The reason it can't do it could be a bug in the program or something beyond
the program. To ensure the program has the best chance of succeeding and
to make sure that ERROR 301 reported are due to XNFBA itself, it would be
helpful to have the following guidelines:

1. Make sure the pre-route xff/xg file is consistent with the post-route
xnf file. If a post-route lca file is edited in the XDE, the pre-route
and post-route files may become inconsistent. If the xff/xg file has
been regenerated since the last run of APR/PPR, the pre-route and post-route
files may become inconsistent. In this case, the design should be rerouted
before back-annotation.

2. Make sure the design is completely routed, DRC clean and fully timed.
Some times the router generates an lca file for a design that's not
completely routed. Such a design is not ready for back-annotation.

3. Don't use any options with LCA2XNF if the output of LCA2XNF is intended
for XNFBA. The default options of LCA2XNF are proper for XNFBA. Options
may cause XNFBA to fail.

4. If it's a 2K,3K design, make sure the aka file is not generated.
The aka file may cause XNFBA to fail.

5. If it's an XBLOX design, make sure to use the .xg file as the pre-route
xnf file. It's not possible to back-annotate the pre-XBLOX xff file.

6. Before XACT 5.x, the Makebits -w command was the processing step that
incorporated routing delays into a routed LCA file. Beginning with the XACT
V5.x release, Xdelay -w performs this function. If Makebits V4.x was used to
incorporate routing delays, xnfba v5.x might issue the error 301.

To process LCA files annotated by MakeBits V4.x, run Xdelay -w before
running xnfba.

AR# 441
Date 03/31/1997
Status Archive
Type ??????
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