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AR# 44391

Kintex-7 - Small Leakage Path Might Exist between a Differential Pair when Vin Levels Exceed Data Sheet Recommended Operating Conditions


When operating with an input voltage that exceeds the Input Voltagespecification (Vin) for a Kintex-7 device, there is a small leakage path from the P to N pin regardless of how the pair is configured.


The user I/O pins for Kintex-7 can be used as differential pin pairs. Between the two pins of every differential pin pair, there is a programmable circuit that behaves like a differential termination resistor. This circuit can be enabled in differential signaling applications using the DIFF_TERM attribute, but is otherwise disabled. When one pin of a differential pair interfaces with voltages that fall outside the Vin specification from the recommended operating conditions of the family data sheet, there can be a small amount of leakage between the pair regardless of the configuration of the I/Os. If operating within the data sheet specifications, the Pin Leakage (IL) does not violate the specification.
AR# 44391
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Kintex-7
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