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AR# 44536

XST - Severity Change for XST Message "WARNING:HDLCompiler:226" Beginning with ISE 13.3 Software


The Verific XST warning message: "WARNING:HDLCompiler:226" will change in severity from a warning to an error message: "ERROR:HDLCompiler:226" beginning with the version 13.3 of XST for those cases when the value is divided by 0 and returns x.


Take the following piece of code as an example:

module top(input [3:0] in, output out);
parameter p1 = 3;
parameter p2 = 3;
assign out = in / (p1 - p2);


In  the above example, there are two parameters, p1 and p2 with same values and the input value is divided by (p1 p2), that is, divided by 0. This triggers the 13.3 XST  parser to produce the HDLCompiler:226 error message. You can change the severity of this error message to warning by using the switch: -change_error_to_warning "HDLCompiler:226".

The Verific XST software (prior to version 13.3) would have given the following warning message for the above piece of code:

"WARNING:HDLCompiler:226 - "test_226.v" Line 8: Attempt to divide by 0; returning x"

Beginning with version 13.3 of XST, this warning condition is modified to an error condition without any change to the actual information or message as follows:

"ERROR:HDLCompiler:226 - "test_226.v" Line 8: Attempt to divide by 0; returning x"

AR# 44536
Date 05/26/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.3
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