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AR# 44542

Spartan-6 Connectivity Kit - Fedora 13 Support


A boot from the CD version of Fedora 10 is shipped with the Spartan-6 Connectivity Kit.

However, I run Fedora 13 on my machine. 

Can I use this kit with Fedora 13?


Fedora 13 is not officially supported for Spartan-6 Boards and Kits, nor does Xilinx provide a liveCD for the Fedora 13 OS.

However, except for the Ethernet driver, everything else should work on Fedora 13 for the Spartan-6 Connectivity Kit TRD. 

The drivers have been updated to support Fedora 13. 

The use of these drivers requires full Fedora 13 tools to be installed, and can be used provided the full Fedora 13 installation is already available on your hardware. 

Please contact Xilinx Technical Support, and mention this answer record number for more information on the driver files.

Xilinx is not providing the liveOS, liveCD of Fedora 13 for customers.

NOTE: Fedora 13 is not officially supported by Xilinx, therefore, support beyond the provision of the drivers is not available.

AR# 44542
Date 12/17/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
Boards & Kits
  • Spartan-6 FPGA Connectivity Kit
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