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AR# 44557

XST - Severity Change for XST message "WARNING:HDLCompiler:597" beginning in ISE 13.3 software


The "WARNING:HDLCompiler:597" message produced by Verific XST prior tosoftware version 13.3 is going to be changed to "ERROR:HDLCompiler:597", starting from software version 13.3 of XST for cases wherea module does not have a parameter defined in it and is being used. Theerror message is as follows:

"ERROR:HDLCompiler:597 - "module_has_no_parameter_named_foo_597.v" Line 7: Module mid does not have a parameter named fooINFO - You can change the severity of this error message to warning using switch -change_error_to_warning "HDLCompiler:922"


Take the following piece of code as an example:

module top(input in, output out);
mid#(.foo(1'b0)) inst_mid(.in(in), .out(out));
defparam second_mid.dummy_param = 1'b0;
mid second_mid(in, out);


module mid(input in, output out);
parameter bar = 1'b1;

assign out = in;


The Verific XST (prior to softwareversion 13.3) would have given the following warning message for the above piece of code:

"WARNING:HDLCompiler:597 - "module_has_no_parameter_named_foo_597.v" Line 7: Module mid does not have a parameter named foo

Beginning in software version 13.3 of XST, this warning is modified to an error without any change to the actual information or message as follows:

"ERROR:HDLCompiler:597 - "module_has_no_parameter_named_foo_597.v" Line 7: Module mid does not have a parameter named foo"

In the above sample code, module mid does not contain the parameter called 'foo' that is passedfrom module top through the module mid instantiation, as a result of which the XST new parser will produce the "HDLCompiler:597" error message. The defparam defined in module top will also trigger the"HDLCompiler:597" error message.The severity of the error message can be changed to warning by using the switch -change_error_to_warning "HDLCompiler:597"

AR# 44557
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.3
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