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AR# 44585

ISE Simulator - How do I specify an I/O file path?


How can I specify a path for storing simulation data files outside of the root directory of the project?

ISim crashes ifI specify the directories in the following manner:

FILE creg_datafile : TEXT is IN "../dat/creg_1.dat";
FILE profile_datafile : TEXT is IN "../dat/profile_1.dat";


As per LRM, ideally the syntax for the file declaration is:

file_open_information ::= [ open file_open_kind_expression ] is file_logical_name

where file_logical_name is a String which inthis case is the filename "../dat/creg_1.dat"

FILE creg_datafile : TEXT is IN "../dat/creg_1.dat";

The string should either have the filename which needs to be opened/modified, or the full path of the file. The simulation tool will not be able to elaborate it with the relative path. This behavior is also observed in ModelSim SE.

To run your simulation, you need to specify the absolute path of the ".dat" file inside the quotes.

For example, assuming that the project folder is in theC drive, you need to replace the statements with:

FILE creg_datafile : TEXT is IN "C:\project\src\creg_1.dat";
FILE profile_datafile : TEXT is IN "C:\project\src\profile_1.dat";
AR# 44585
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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