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AR# 44642

Licensing - How can I verify whether I am using Solaris 32-bit or 64-bit for my License server?


I would like to host a License on a Solaris machine, but I do not know whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

How do I check for this?

Is this information critical to generating my license?


This information can be found by running the following command:

isainfo -v

This will return which applications can be run, so you should see 64-bit and 32-bit, or just 32-bit. If the command isainfo cannot be found, then it is 32-bit.

When generating a license, the Host Name and Host ID values are the most important entries since they are used by the tools to determine if the license is valid on the user's system. Other values, such as 32-bit versus 64-bit, are for tracking and Web site statistics. As long as Host Name and Host ID match the machine, the license will work.

In some cases, having the correct OS type can be required in order to enter the correct Host ID value. For either 32-bit Solaris or 64-bit Solaris, the Host ID will be an 8-character string.

You can add a new Host to generate a license on the Xilinx Licensing site as follows:

1. On the Generate Node License page, under System Information, click on the Select a Host button.
2. In the pop-up box, select Add a Host.
3. In the "Add a host..." dialog box, enter the System information (OS, Host ID Type, Host ID value, Host Name).

After performing the above, you will be able to generate a license for your selected computer (host).

AR# 44642
Date 01/20/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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  • Vivado
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