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AR# 44877

DisplayPort v2.3 - Using two cores in a design, netlist name conflict


I need two versions of the DisplayPort core in a single ISE design. 

However, when the DisplayPort  core is generated, the .ngc file does not use the name given by the designer in CORE Generator.

Instead, it uses a generic name (for example, "dport_rxlink_top.ngc").

This causes conflicts if two or more different versions of this IP are required in a single design.


This issue has been resolved for the DisplayPort IP delivered with Vivado.

The workaround in ISE Design Suite is to use the ngcbuild utility to wrap up the core and give it a new netlist:

  1. Create a new ISE project with one display port core instantiated in it as the top level.
  2. In your synthesis settings, make sure to uncheck 'Add I/O Buffers'.
  3. Run synthesis.
  4. Open an ISE command prompt and type this command:
    ngcbuild<design_name> <merged_ngc_name>
  5. Bring the merged .ngc into your target ISE project as a black box.

AR# 44877
Date 08/12/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • DisplayPort
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