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AR# 44927

CompXlib - Information on the "-64bit" switch available with CompXlib


When running CompXlib, after entering an incorrect switch on the command line the following usage error message was produced:

Release 13.3 - /proj/gsd/ids/13.3/ISE_DS/ISE/bin/lin64/unwrapped/compxlib 13.3 (lin64)
Copyright (c) 1995-2011 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.

ERROR:Portability:90 - Command line error: Switch "-not_valid" is not allowed.

Usage: compxlib {-arch <arch_name>} [-cfg [<cfg_file>]] [-dir <output_dir>] [-e <dir_parh>] [-exclude_deprecated] [-exclude_sublib] [-exclude_superseded] [-info <dir_path>] [-intstyle ise|xflow|silent] [-l <language>] {-lib <lib_name>} [-log <log_file>]
[-p <dir_path>] {-s <simulator>} [-source_lib <dir_path>] [-verbose] [-w] [-64bit] {-cfgopt <opt_string>}

This shows a "-64bit" switch which is not defined in the documentation.

Is this a valid switch? If so, what is this switch for?


This is a valid switch and should be included in both the help menu for CompXlib and the CompXlib documentation. 

This will be updated in a future release.

The switch is for running in true 64-bit native mode.

Generally when you run CompXlib on a 64-bit machine you will compile 32-bit libraries.

It is still the case with most simulators that running 32-bit on a 64-bit machine is faster for simulation. 

The switch is available for if you require true 64-bit.

AR# 44927
Date 01/28/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.2
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.3
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