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AR# 4650

V1.5, V1.4 CORE Generator -Cannot start up COREGEN from Desktop and Start Menu shortcut on some PC's


Keywords: xspawn, xstart, CORE Generator, COREGen, hang, shortcut,
Windows, PC, start

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
CORE Generator hangs when invoked from either the
Windows Desktop or Start Menu shortcuts on some Windows 95 PCs.
If the Task Manager is checked, both xstart and xspawn appear
to be running.

This problem has only been seen in a few isolated cases.



As a work-around, you may invoke CORE Generator directly from a DOS
box by specifying the explicit path to the coregen.bat batch



Alternatively, you may modify the Windows Shortcut as follows:

Right-click on the Windows Shortcut Properties,
and click on the "Properties" tab. Edit the "Target" field and
remove the call to the "xstart.exe" executable
($COREGEN\coregen\bin\win\xstart.exe .\cgstart.log).

After making this change, you should only have the following
in the Target field:


The side effect of starting CORE Generator in this manner is that an extra
DOS box will appear whenever you invoke CORE Generator, and not all
error messages will be logged to the coregen.log file.


In some cases, the %1 at the end of the lJRE command line in $
COREGEN/bin/win/coregen.bat causes a problem with startup.
The %1 argument is primarily for batch mode support and can be removed
without any adverse effects.


In one customer's case, installing Windows NT Service Pack 4 fixed
this problem.
AR# 4650
Date 02/15/2001
Status Archive
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