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AR# 495

5.x XSIMMAKE - Possible cause of XNFBA error 301.



XNFBA error 301: delay <value> on PIN <pin> of <symbol instance> is not annotated.
The pin is connected to the signal <signal>.

XSIMMAKE may accidentally read an old .XG file and cause ERROR 301 from XNFBA.

If XBLOX optimization was used before but not during the final iteration of
placement and routing, or if XBLOX symbols were previously used in a design
but are no longer present, a file with a .xg extension will exist in the
directory. XSIMMAKE can become confused about which file to use in this case;
the existence of the .xg file implies the use of XBLOX, but since XBLOX
has been removed, the .xg file is no longer up to date, and the .xff file
should be used instead. XSIMMAKE runs XNFBA and tries to back-annotate using
the .xg file, even though this is not your most recent netlist file.


Delete the .XG file and re-run XSIMMAKE.

AR# 495
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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