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AR# 51180

14.4 SDK - PlanAhead generated project fails during data2mem in SDK when programming FPGA


A PlanAhead generated project is failing during Data2mem within SDK; an error similar to the following occurs:

"data2mem -bm \
 ../system_hw_platform/system_hw_platform/system_bd.bmm \
 -bt ../system_hw_platform/system_hw_platform/system.bit \
 -bd ../mb_bootloop_le.elf tag microblaze_0 \
 -o b ../system_hw_platform/system_hw_platform/download.bit

 ERROR:Data2MEM:80 - ADDRESS_SPACE or ADDRESS_MAP tag name 'microblaze_0' was not found.
 Some data may have not been translated 
 FPGA Programming Failed due to errors while initializing bitstream."

How can I work around this error?


The SDK is using an incorrect tag in the data2mem tool.

To work around this issue, run data2mem from the command line using the proper tag that is used in the BMM file.

To obtain the correct tag, open the BMM file located in the SDK workspace. Here the ADDRESS_MAP tag corresponding to the processor name will need to be used in the data2mem command line.

For example::

To run the data2mem tool from the command line, first obtain the Data2mem command line; this can be copied into a text editor so it can be modified. For example, below is the data2mem command line with the modified tag obtained from the BMM file:

data2mem -bm system_bd.bmm -bt system.bit -bd C:/Xilinx/14.2/ISE_DS/EDK/sw/lib/microblaze/mb_bootloop_le.elf tag system_i_microblaze_0 -o b download.bit

To run the data2mem:

  1. Open an ISE Design Suite shell and navigate to the hw_platform folder in your SDK project directory where the .xml, .bit, and .bmm are stored.
  2. Run the modifed data2mem command with the correct tag. For example:

  3. Finally, this newly created "download.bit" file can be used to configure the FPGA as shown below:

  4. For more information on debugging the data2mem, see (Xilinx Answer 46945).

    Note: This issue is fixed in the Vivado 2013.1 and PlanAhead 14.5 tools.

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AR# 51180
Date Created 08/07/2012
Last Updated 04/09/2013
Status Active
Type AFE Reference Design
  • EDK - 14.2
  • EDK - 14.1