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AR# 55253

Zynq-7000 - MIO - Zynq-7000 MIO Compatibility with Maxim MAX13035 Voltage Level Translator


I am attempting to use the MAX13035E voltage level translator with my Zynq device, but the Zynq device appears to violate the threshold voltages for the MAX13035E device.  Is this true?


No, it is not. No Zynq SDIO compatibility issues exist between the Zynq MIO and the MAX13035E (1.8V-3.3V ) SD level shifter on the Xilinx Evaluation platforms, ZC702 and ZC706.

Summary of Analysis:  
Note:this example assumes LVCMOS18 IOSTANDARD by Zynq

Zynq LVCMOS18 IO <-> MAX13035E level shifter <-> SD Card at 3.3V


Zynq SDIO Level Shifter I/F
Zynq MIO = 1.8V(2)
VL = 1.8V, VCC=3.3V
Voh min ->
1.65V (IBIS 4mA Sourced by Zynq)
1.6V (1)
-> Vih min
Vol max ->
0.086V (IBIS 30uA sink by Zynq)
-> Vil max
Vih min <-
<- Voh min
Vil max <-
<- Vol max
(1) Zynq IBIS Model LVCMOS18_S_8_PSMIO with 15pF load at MAX13035E
 sources >1.60V at MAX13035E when configured for 4mA drive strength.
(2) Reference LVCMOS_18 characteristics in DS191/DS187 for more details.
AR# 55253
Date 05/18/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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