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AR# 55438

2013.1 Vivado - Vivado WebPACK install results in "ERROR: [board-21-45]" when I create a new project


I have installed Vivado WebPACK 2013.1, but when I select "Create New Project, a dialog box appears with the following message:

   Vivado v2013.1 (64-bit)
   Error: [board-21-45

The same message occurs if I select File -> New Project, or if I open an existing project (e.g., an example design) and attempt to change the device under Tools -> Project Settings...

The problem does not occur if a project is created using the desired device in Tcl mode before opening the project.

Example: Open a Vivado Tcl shell and create project, then start the Vivado IDE using start_gui command.

  1. "vivado -mode tcl"
  2. "create_project p xc7k70t-fbg676-2 project_1"
  3. "start_gui"



This issue is specific to installs of Vivado WebPACK. Vivado Design Edition or Vivado System Edition installs do not have this error.

The problem is that the WebPACK does not contain the xc7vx485t which is used on the VC707 board. As such, the VC707 board should not be installed in a WebPACK install.

To fix this issue, delete the following directory from the 2013.1 WebPACK install:


AR# 55438
Date 06/17/2013
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.1
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