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AR# 55559

2013.1 Vivado Install - Error: [Common 17-10] Application Exception: Not found in path: xsdk


If I generate a bitstream, open the implemented design and choose the Export HW to SDK option, it gives me the following error:

Error: [Common 17-70] Application Exception: Not found in path: xsdk

If I search the Vivado/2013.1 folder, I cannot find an xsdk executable. How can use Export to SDK feature in Vivado 2013.1?


The Vivado + SDK install image was not originally available on the Xilinx download page.  Because of this, some customers wishing to use Vivado and SDK downloaded and installed the Vivado only image.  This lead to an error when attempting to run SDK operations, as SDK is not installed.

The Vivado + SDK image is now available.


If you have Vivado already installed, another full install of SDK and Vivado is not required.  Below are some available options:

  •  If you do not have the ISE Design Suite tools installed, you will need to install the SDK 2013.1 standalone to use it in conjunction with Vivado 2013.1 tools.

      Follow this procedure:

      1. Go to www.xilinx.com/download
      2. Download the Software Development Kit 2013.1 Full Product Installation.
      3. Once you install the SDK, browse to C:\Xilinx\SDK\2013.1 and execute settings64.bat (for 64-bit) or settings.bat (for 32-bit) in the command prompt.  This batch file will set-up the required environment variables.
      4. Next, open the Vivado project that has an EDK system, and click Export to SDK. You should be able to open the SDK GUI now.



AR# 55559
Date 06/17/2013
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.1
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