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AR# 55883

14.x PlanAhead - Multiple edif2ngd calls unneccessarily create NGO files


In PlanAhead 14.3 and later tool versions, when I run implementation in the PlanAhead tool for certain IP, multiple spawns of edif2ngd are called to convert .edif files to an .ngo file during Translate. My top file calls the already generated .ngc files, but these NGC files spawn multiple ngc2edif runs, and when the PlanAhead tool sees the .edif files in the directory, they in turn spawn multiple edif2ngd runs. This causes unnecessary extra runtime during Translate in the PlanAhead tool.


If you are in a PlanAhead project, the tool automatically converts .ngc files to .edif and .ngo files in order to more quickly open the Implemented Design. Unfortunately, the only work-around for this is to implement the design outside of a Project-Based PlanAhead flow using the ngdbuild command with the -sd option to point to the extra .ngc files.
AR# 55883
Date 10/09/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • PlanAhead
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